The joy and art of tea is much more than the leaves. The brewing process is fundamental to your appreciation of this magical leaf and we have chosen a curated range of teaware to enhance and inspire your tea journey.

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Pro-level Gong Fu Tea tray exclusively designed by Mei Leaf and follow up to our iconic Gong Fu Guru

Ultra-versatile Gong Fu Tea Bowl and Tray. Can be used as a standalone brewing station, pot stand and rinse bowl. Small footprint for convenient desktop brewing.

includes satellite tray

Travel with your tea and brew Gong Fu style in more places and with more people. The Gong Fu Story is the flexible and complete solution to set your tea sessions free!

Dehua Porcelain saucer to add that extra detail to your sessions.

Original shape, fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot with exemplary detail and aesthetics.

A very small Gaiwan which is perfect for solo brews and horizontal tea sampling. A great way to brew rich tea without using many tea leaves.

A delightfully tactile Ru Yao 50ml cup with a unique design.

Lotus petal-shaped 250ml Glass Gong Dao Bei.

Lotus shaped Ru Yao porcelain 40ml cup.

This is our ideal shape and size chawan for making up our Matcha. The charcoal black colour makes a dramatic contrast with the emerald green.

De Hua Porcelain Gong Dao Bei. Sleek, light blue fairness cup for your Gong Fu sessions.

Set of 2 Tulip shaped tasting cups made from thin De Hua porcelain. Elegant and beautiful yet practical.

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

Stylish square glass 240ml Gong Dao Bei for Gong Fu Brewing.

Brew Gong Fu style in a desktop format. The perfect way to brew at the office or at home without a tea tray.

Bamboo tray designed for preparing and inspecting tea.

Sharp and thin tea pick for the hardest of tea cakes.


A hundred prong handmade Chasen whisk for whipping up a frothy Matcha with a rich crema.

Custom designed Gong Fu Tea Tools to elevate your sessions.

Textured and tactile Sake cups - perfect for drinking tea.

Timeless shape Gong Fu cup for perfect sipping with a silky, green, speckled glaze

Tea-hungry Hippo made from Zisha clay.

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

A classic cup traditionally for Chaozhou style brewing but suits any tasting session.

Embossed Shanghai 1930's style tea tin. The perfect way to carry your stash of tea leaves for brewing wherever you are.

Adorable little crab to join you in your sessions. Changes colour when offered hot tea.

Beautiful double walled small glass cup for showing off your tea.

Present your tea with style and function with a curved porcelain scoop.

Add some fun and style to your tea sessions with a highly absorbent, luxury towel with illustrations of the Gaiwan styles.

The most simple and easy way to Gong Fu Brew by yourself - one Gaiwan, one cup and off you go

All glass Gong Fu brewer for a minimalist tea session. Perfect for desktop brewing and particularly suited to White, Green and Black tea.

Handmade Jianshui Zitao cups with our exclusive Dongba 'Divinity' design.

The essential Glass pot for all Gong Fu teaheads

Stainless steel brewing basket for easily brewing any loose leaf tea and tisanes. Can also be used as a tea strainer.

Larger, thermally insulated Gong Dao Bei with an immaculate pour. Approx 320ml to rim.

Stylish glass cup which keeps tea hot and does not burn your fingers.

Exclusive and limited edition Chabu for styling up your tea sessions. Double-sided - one side plain the other has our 'Bird Court' design.

Limited Edition 100ml White porcelain Gaiwan printed with the #PinnacleTea artwork. The perfect size for solo or small sessions and horizontal tastings.

Jade green porcelain cup with craquelure glaze which changes over time.

Low profile 45ml Ru Yao porcelain cup with soft vertical ridges and six curved rims.

Sleek and stylish 130ml Gaiwan made from fine pottery and glazed with a bronze and gold brushed ridged finish.

Limited Edition 100ml White porcelain Gaiwan printed with the #StellarTea artwork. The perfect size for solo or small sessions and horizontal tastings.

A wonderful character to join you on your sessions. This big mouth frog loves to drink tea and hold tea tools

Colour-changing duckling teapet designed exclusively for Mei Leaf.

Watch your tea throw beautiful iridescent colours through this textured glass mug with a built-in filter for easy brewing.

Luxury Matcha set in a cushioned, custom swaddle bag. Everything that you need to make pinnacle Matcha.

A timeless and functional Gong Dao Bei for any session.

Ru Yao Porcelain Gong Dao Bei which develops a beautiful cracked glaze as you brew.


Elegant Chashaku scoop for easy and mess free Matcha preparation.

Gyokko Yohen Kyusu made from mineral rich Tokoname clay. Handmade in Tokoname by master potters.

Master Wu studios fully handmade Chaozhou clay pot made to the highest craftsmanship. Pear shape. 110ml.

Beautiful handmade 130ml Tokoname Kyusu with a barrel-shaped chamber for versatile brewing

Qinzhou Clay Pot

Individually handmade Qin Zhou Nixing Clay pot in the Xishi style. Approx 120ml capacity.

A collaboration between Master Wu and Mei Leaf to create an EXCLUSIVE design 100ml Chaouzhou clay pot - the Lantern.

Pan Hu shape, half-handmade Yixing Teapot made from Zini clay with excellent transformative effects. Approx 110ml.

Textured, tactile and balanced 125ml Jianshui Pot with a supremely fast pour. Fully handmade.

Fully handmade Jianshui clay cups featuring the 'Jumping Knife' texture.

Fully handmade Barrel shape 100ml Chazhou clay pot from Zhang studios.

Chunky and stylish 75ml Jianshui clay cup with a tree bark textured pattern.

Unique and eye-catching 100ml Gaiwan made in Jingdezhen from beige glaze Ru Yao porcelain. This Gaiwan will create beautiful tea-stained craquelure as you use and is suitable for all tea types.

Exemplary delicate Jingdezhen porcelain cup with a simple yet striking profile.

Half-handmade Yixing Zini Zisha pot made from clay with excellent rounding properties. Wide mouth for easy loading and cleaning. Approx 100ml.

Dezhong Duanni Zisha

Authentic Golden Duanni clay barrel pot from Master Xu with our exclusive 'Connections' engraving. Approx 180ml.

Individually handmade Qinzhou Nixing Clay pot in the Pan Hu style. Approx 150ml.

Handmade Nxing Qinzhou clay pot with a contoured and rounded silhouette. Approx 160ml.

Fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot by Master She with a voluptuous and playful shape. 110ml.

Heijinsha Zini Xishi

Black Yixing Wuhui Zini clay pot in the timeless Xishi style. 100ml

Pure Zhuni Yixing Zisha clay pot crafted in a very traditional ancestral form with a natural textured surface. 120ml

Mei Leaf exclusive design from Master Wu studios. Fully Handmade Chaozhou clay pot. 100ml.

Authentic Original Mine Duanni pot in the Junde style. 100ml.

Transformative authentic Yixing Duanni clay pot. Half-handmade in the playful dragon egg style. 115ml

Minimal yet bold Sake cups perfect for drinking tea.

Beautifully mottled, part-glazed Kyusu with a unique tactile and visual quality. Approx 360ml.

Handmade Tokoname black clay Kyusu with a Fire red spot of glaze for a uniquely bold aesthetic. Approx 290ml.

Uniquely styled Cha Ze scoop made from cream Ru Yao porcelain.

Fully handmade Jianshui Zitao 150ml clay pot with our exclusive Dongba 'Tea' Design

Unique clay Gaiwan made from excellent Yixing Zisha. Handcrafted in Jingdezhen. 120ml approx

A delightfully elegant 'Beauty Shoulder' Yixing pot made from Huang Long Shan Zini clay. Approx 110ml

Bold and modern-shaped Yixing Zini pot with excellent performance. 125ml.

Delightful Zhuni Yixing pot with a unique tall silhouette. Perfect for solo sessions. Approx 75ml.

Exclusive Yixing Zini clay Gaiwan with excellent performance. Handcrafted in Jingdezhen. 150ml

Solid bamboo, curved corner tea inspection tray for breaking up cakes and observing your loose leaves.

Tokoname clay Kyusu made using Mogake method to make each one totally unique. Handmade in Tokoname by master potters. Approx 280ml.

Mineral rich red clay Kyusu with a timeless pattern of grooves. Handmade in Tokoname by master potters. Approx 280ml.

Fully handmade and hand painted Yixing Zini Clay pot made by artists in Jingdezhen with unique curvaceous styling. Approx 180ml.

All bamboo, pro-level tea Gong Fu Tea Tray perfect for smaller sessions or an extender for the Gong Fu Code.

Handmade Jianshui Zitao cups with our exclusive 'Gan' design.

Fully handmade Jianshui Zitao 150ml clay pot with our exclusive 'Hui' Design.

Fully handmade Jianshui Zitao Gong Dao Bei with our exclusive 'Yun' design.

A flat bottom and low profile 150-200ml Kyusu handmade by Master Kamimura in Tokoname and decorated with Mogake pattern

Delightful 70ml pot, fully handmade from Chaozhou red clay - another stellar pot from the studios of Master Wu.

Pale blue De Hua porcelain Gaiwan with supreme pouring, balance and design.

Charming handmade pig teapet made from authentic Nixing Clay.

Uniquely textured, entirely handmade Old Duanni Xishi pot which has been double-fired at high temperatures. Approx 120ml.

Natural Bamboo charcoal made from five-year-old, high mountain bamboo which has been roasted at high temperature. Excellent for purifying and softening water or removing odours during tea storage.

The essential fine mesh stainless steel filter for all Gong Fu brewing.

Wood-fired Jingdezhen porcelain cup with individual and organic patterns created by the wood-fire kiln.

Excellent pick with a sharp tip and wedge to get into those cakes.

A very special tea tray - fully handmade Gong Fu Cha Pan crafted from Walnut and epoxy resin. Each one is totally unique and produced entirely by hand by Marek in Poland.

Sleek, functional and beautiful Bamboo Cha Ze with matching tea pick and scoop.

The indispensable tool for carefully breaking into tea cakes.

Perfect small glass tea pot that allows you to see the colour of the tea you are drinking. Easy-to-use filter takes the hassle out of loose tea.

Stylish tea cup with timeless indigo on white design

Yixing 130ml pot from 30-year-old Zisha Zini Clay with excellent effects. Maintains brightness while softening, smoothening and preventing bitterness for delicious and potent brewing.

Hand crafted 200ml Tokoname Shudei Clay Kyusu with immaculate detail and textures.

Highly polished Shudei clay Kyusu with individual Mogake pattern made by draping seaweed over the Kyusu before firing.

Stoneware Gong Dao Bei glazed and fired in a special way to bring out random metallic tones.

Unique, beautiful and highly functional 'Cha Ze' Tea Scoop with accurate weighing function and a smooth slide for your leaves.

Handpainted Jingdezhen porcelain cup with craquelure glaze.

The best way to brew Gyokuro. Heavyweight Tokoname Clay Shibo with Sakura hand-engraving.

Fully handmade Chaozhou red clay pot from Master She, with a sleek and lyrical shape. 110ml.

Stylish, unique and functional glass teapot for bigger brews with a removable filter. Approx 700ml.

Striking half-burnished Shiboridashi totally handmade for Gyokuro brewing perfection. Approx 90ml to rim.

Handmade Tokoname Kyusu fired to purple shade. A rounded bowl shape with a dipped lid for alluring aesthetics. Approx 260ml.

Cute and lyrical Master Wu pot with a hybrid styling. 110ml

Hand-crafted Jingdezhen porcelain Gaiwan with Song Dynasty Purple Iron glaze. Approx 100ml

Jingdezhen porcelain cup with Song Dynasty Purple Iron glaze. Approx 40ml

We think you’ll love:

Sharp and thin tea pick for the hardest of tea cakes.

Stylish square glass 240ml Gong Dao Bei for Gong Fu Brewing.

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.