Raw PuErh Tea

Few teas generate as much passion and obsession for teaheads than PuErh. Wild, untamed and unashamedly bold, this is tea from the original mountain tea tribes. Ancient and potent heavyweight tea.

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Three of our favourite PuErhs to experience the unbridled taste and potency of PuErh. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

A spectacular tea gift for yourself or to introduce another to the delights of Mei Leaf Tea. A total of eleven headliner teas covering most tea types.

Mang Fei 2023 Gushu Sheng PuErh

Mang Fei 2023 Raw PuErh from 200-year-old trees. Toffee apple, cooked pineapple, banana skin, saffron syrup and milk bingsoo.

Spring 2023 He Beng Sheng Gushu PuErh

Ancient tree PuErh showcasing the uniquely creamy and deep character of He Beng village. Prunes, malted chocolate milkshake, apple skins, tonic water and lotus flowers.

Da Shu Bulang PuErh Spring 2021

Old tree Bulang PuErh. Palm sugar, blackcurrant jam, sherbet and sweet minerals. Specially designed 'journal' wrappers.

2023 Da Zhong Shan Gushu Sheng

Floral, fruity and spicy Raw PuErh made from ancient trees growing in Da Zhong Shan. Frangipani, sweet holy basil, crab apples, apricot, bison grass and papaya.

Spring 2022 Jing Mai & Ba Da Gushu Sheng PuErh

Elusive blend of Jing Mai and Ba Da ancient tree PuErh. Strawberry jam, calamansi, burnt sugars and kumquat marmalade.

Spring 2023 Yiwu Gao Shan Huangpian Gushu Sheng PuErh

Huangpian Yiwu PuErh made from ancient trees growing in the forests of Gao Shan village. Caramel, dried mint, black pepper, plantain and rosehip.

Ye Sheng Zi Ya

Made from lateral buds of ancient Purple trees in Yunnan estimated at 300 years-old. Sun processed for a rich character. Peach sherbet, elderflower and pine.

Lancang Gushu Sheng PuErh Spring 2022

Ultra-fruity and fragrant PuErh made from ancient trees growing in Lancang. Toffee apples, pear compote, cardamom buns, canned pineapple and banana.

Spring 2023 Yiwu Gao Shan Gushu Sheng

The epitome of Yiwu Gao Shan village Puerh made from ancient trees. Papaya, honey soaked prunes, wet stone and vanilla fudge.

Spring 2022 Bing Dao Gushu Sheng PuErh

Distinctly epicurean Bing Dao Gushu PuErh. Dark caramelised waffles and butterscotch, uni, pea-shoots, blackberries and love hearts.

Spring 2022 Pasha Gushu Sheng PuErh

PuErh from 200 year old trees growing in the revered forests of Pasha. Melted butter, pecan, nougat, melon, rose apples, allspice, rocks and mountain flowers.

2022 Gua Feng Zhai Yiwu Da Shu Sheng

Rich, bamboo-roasted Gua Feng Zhai Yiwu PuErh from 150-200 year old trees. Apricot tart, baked strawberries, watermelon pie, fenugreek, scorched chilli peppers, charcuterie spices, pine forests, tobacco and incense.

Man Song Sheng Dashu Spring 2021

Prized old tree tea from the Qing Dynasty Tribute forests of Man Song. Apricots, tonic water, sherbet, persimmon and gardenia. A rising and mind-focusing energy.

Spring 2021 Nan Nuo and He Kai Gushu Sheng

Gushu blend of two famous, West Banna Mountains. Brown bread and caramelised pears moving to custard apples and juniper berry.

Spring 2022 Bang Dong Gushu Sheng

Mengku ancient tree PuErh with a powerful body buzz. Steamed lotus seed dumplings in bamboo baskets, oat cookies, persimmon and young coconut flesh.

Gao Shan Yiwu Gushu Sheng Spring 2021

Ancient tree Yiwu Gushu Puerh from Gao Shan village. Grape clafoutis, butter toffee, lotus flower and wet rocks.

Spring 2023 Da Xue Shan Gushu Sheng PuErh

A PuErh potion from ancient trees of the Big Snowy Mountain with the most enduring floral sweetness and powerful tea high. Angel's trumpets, pomelo, humid jungle, slate and agave syrup.

Roasted Spring 2023 Bulang Dashu Sheng PuErh

Mad and wonderful Bulang Old Tree PuErh roasted in the Phoenix Mountains over fruitwood charcoal by master Dancong Oolong roasters. Canele, fudge, wild strawberries, lily, bitter orange, water chestnuts, pomelo and jasmine.

2019 Yiwu Gushu Sheng

Unique blend of Spring 2019 ancient tree PuErh from seven famous villages in Yiwu. Peach candy, orange blossom honey, fresh tobacco, pine resin and watermelon.

We think you’ll love:

Sharp and thin tea pick for the hardest of tea cakes.

Stylish square glass 240ml Gong Dao Bei for Gong Fu Brewing.

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.