White Tea

Processing of White tea sounds ridiculously simple - pick leaves, put them out in the sun to dry (or air heaters if it's rainy) and voila you have White tea. But when a process is so simple there is no room for mistakes, no way to fix any shortcomings in extra layers of processing. Any errors will be easy to pick up to the trained palate. This is the Goldilocks of tea - a small aberration makes an obviously poorer quality tea - all conditions have to be 'just right'.

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A spectacular tea gift for yourself or to introduce another to the delights of Mei Leaf Tea. A total of eleven headliner teas covering most tea types.

Three of our most loved White teas to taste the wonder of Whites. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Chuan Tong Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Immaculate Yin Zhen crafted with strict traditional methods. Sun withered and charcoal baked in tiny batches. Soft and sticky with cooked soya milk, nougat and biscuits.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Early Spring Guangxi Silver Needle picked from over 70 year old tea trees. Orange blossom and pomelo with semolina pudding.

Bai Mu Dan

Authentically sun-dried Fuding Mu Dan from 50 year old bushes. Honeycomb, fresia, cherry jam and almond milk.

A brighter Bai Mu Dan showcasing the unique style of the historic Zhenghe region of Fujian. Manuka honey, green acorns, camphor and cream.

Ye Sheng Ya Bao

The lateral buds picked in late winter from PuErh trees approximately 200 years of age. Fresh cut wood , dried apricots and marzipan with a ginger spiciness.

Yue Guang Bai

Enigmatic White tea made from 150 year old Camellia Taliensis trees in Yunnan. Mango vanilla pudding, hay and lily of the valley.

2013/2014 Fuding Bai Mu Dan & 2018 Pan Xi Shou Mei

Custom blend of three aged White tea batches from Fuding including the legendary Panxi fields. Salted butter, apricot jam, marzipan, fresh dates and summer rain on hot pavements.

2021 Zhenghe Shou Mei Blend

An experimental blend of 'Green and Brown' Zhenghe White tea. Strawberry jam on buttered raisin scones, elderflower, honey, warm milk and lotus.

Ye Sheng Zi Ya

Made from lateral buds of ancient Purple trees in Yunnan estimated at 300 years-old. Sun processed for a rich character. Peach sherbet, elderflower and pine.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Early Spring bud pickings from 80-year old Assamica tea trees growing in Lincang. Fresh pear and semolina pudding with magnolia and camphor.

Mo Li Yin Zhen

Siver Needle made from 70 year old bushes scented with Jasmine flowers. Jasmine, starfruit, lime zest and pineapple candy over a slate minerality.

Bai Mu Dan Wang

Early flush Bai Mu Dan, picked with a fine yet balanced plucking. Vanilla custard, icing sugar, talcum powder, green acorns, and carnations.

Our selection of hand produced blossoming tea created by Chinese artisans. Beautiful floral displays blossom in your glass. Made from white tea buds for a light and elegant flavour.

Beautifying blend of White Peony, Rose and Red Dates. Herbaceous, minty sweet nut milk and warm honey.

Fragrant combination of Jasmine Silver Needle and Chrysanthemum. Wild strawberries, sweet flowers and river pebbles.

2012 Fuding Shou Mei

Aged 2012 Fuding Shou Mei with potent woozy high. Brown sugar, baked apples with raisins, warm milk, summer evenings, pottery studios and magnolia.

2023 Nan Nuo Da Shu White

Rich and physical White made from 150-200-year-old trees in Nan Nuo. Warm milk and heather honey, dried mint, thyme, sherbert candy and apricot jam.

2016 Fuding Bai Mu Dan & Shou Mei

It's here! The latest in our legendary aged White series. Special blend of 2016 Fuding Mu Dan and Shou Mei. Strawberry, leather, cherry sweets, overipe-banana, lotus and Pear brandy.

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Stylish square glass 240ml Gong Dao Bei for Gong Fu Brewing.

A super stylish thick hammered glass Gong Dao Bei (fairness cup) for adding a bit of extra bling to your sessions.

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.