Teas & Tisanes

Welcome to our lovingly curated selection of leaves which I have personally sourced and approved myself. To be a Mei Leaf tea we set very stringent criteria - it has to represent the pinnacle of TRUE TEA with distinctive character and flavour. I do not choose any tea that I would not proudly serve to my best friends - we don't do fillers or keep standard lists. As such, this selection is continuously changing and we are always hunting for fresh treasures for you teaheads. Play with our filters and dive in!

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Chuan Tong Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Immaculate Yin Zhen crafted with strict traditional methods. Sun withered and charcoal baked in tiny batches. Soft and sticky with cooked soya milk, nougat and biscuits.

Huangshan Maofeng

Handmade heirloom Maofeng Green from Anhui's Yellow mountains. Ube ice cream, nougat and vanilla poached pears.

Lu An Gua Pian

Unique Anhui Green flash roasted from larger pickings of old tea bushes. Cherry cheesecake, baked avocado, hot stones and lemon oil.

Ya Shi Dan Cong

Masterful Dan Cong Oolong made from the Ya Shi Cultivar. Magnolia, cherry blossom, butter cookies, fruit trifle and wet slate.

Ultra small batch Uji Matcha made by a revered family of Matcha makers. Whipped cream, silken tofu, peanut butter and sweet kiwi flesh.

Hu Xiao Qi Lan

Uniquely light Wuyi Oolong cultivar. Summery mix of hay, asian pear, mangosteen and meadow flowers with a charcoal warmth.

Da Hong Pao Qi Dan (Big Red Robe)

Medium roasted Da Hong Pao made from 45 year old Qi Dan bushes. Cherry sponge cake, new car, mangosteen, agave syrup and macerated strawberries.

Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong - Honey Orchid Oolong

Wildly fragrant Dan Cong Oolong. Cooked clementine, doughnut peaches, forest honey over lemon thyme and oregano polenta cake

Bai Hao Wulong - Dongfang Meiren

Terpene rich Oolong from Miaoli. Bright notes of elderflower, geranium and lychee and warmer notes of honey, rose and fermented overripe muscat grapes.

Mengku Lao Cha Tou 2017

Rich and powerful Mengku Lao Cha Tou made from 100 year-old trees. Prune brandy, fennel seeds, caramel, wine cellar, licorice and sandalwood incense.

Organic Oolong processed in low oxygen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.

2013/2014 Fuding Bai Mu Dan & 2018 Pan Xi Shou Mei

Custom blend of three aged White tea batches from Fuding including the legendary Panxi fields. Salted butter, apricot jam, marzipan, fresh dates and summer rain on hot pavements.

Old tree Black, low-oxygen cake aged in Yunnan for nearly three years. Chocolate raisins, sweet vermouth, raspberries, antique woods, leather and fernet-branca bitters.

Jin Jun Mei

Luxury, fine picked and hand rolled Tong Mu Black Jin Jun Mei. Cocoa cookies, rose, cherries and warm malted milk.

2021 Zhenghe Shou Mei Blend

An experimental blend of 'Green and Brown' Zhenghe White tea. Strawberry jam on buttered raisin scones, elderflower, honey, warm milk and lotus.

Remarkably fruity and sweet Black from the Wuyi mountains. Peach candy, palmier, guava jam, and wood lacquer.

Pinnacle Matcha from Uji family with long history of Matcha production. Blend of Uji Hikari and Okumidori. Oat milk, hazelnuts, lemon drops, cherry blossom and white chocolate.

2014 Da Shu Menghai Shu PuErh

Rich Menghai PuErh from 100-year-old trees picked in 2014. Cocoa cookies, chocolate sponge, vanilla fudge, iron supplements, rosehip and overipe cherries.

Tong Mu Zhengshan Xiaozhong

Unsmoked Lapsang from the famed Tong Mu village. Melted butter, gardenia flowers, raspberries and sweet poppy seed pastry.

Ye Sheng Hong

Made from an ancient variety of the tea tree and picked from trees over 100 years old. Zesty grapefruit and hoppy IPA, barrel-aged rum, malt and muscatel.

Mang Fei 2023 Gushu Sheng PuErh

Mang Fei 2023 Raw PuErh from 200-year-old trees. Toffee apple, cooked pineapple, banana skin, saffron syrup and milk bingsoo.

Gui Fei Oolong

Bug-bitten Taiwanese Oolong with knockout aromatics. Muscatel, cedar, orchid and honeyed apricots.

Spring 2023 He Beng Sheng Gushu PuErh

Ancient tree PuErh showcasing the uniquely creamy and deep character of He Beng village. Prunes, malted chocolate milkshake, apple skins, tonic water and lotus flowers.

Dashu Dianhong

Deep and rich Yunnan Dianhong made from more than 100 year old trees. Dark chocolate, honeycomb, oat biscuits, apple skin and lime flower.

Tong Mu Zhengshan Xiaozhong

An unsmoked Lapsang that shows the true depth of flavour of this famous tea. Dark cocoa, charred bourbon casks and rambutan.

A spectacular tea gift for yourself or to introduce another to the delights of Mei Leaf Tea. A total of eleven headliner teas covering most tea types.

Alishan Jin Xuan

A rich and luxurious tea made from the naturally milky Jin Xuan cultivar. Tinned peaches and cream with toasted pound cake.

Shi Ru

Ancient heirloom cultivar Yan Cha Oolong famous in the Song Dynasty. Magnolia, buttercream icing, frankincense, guava and peach taffy.

Da Shu Bulang PuErh Spring 2021

Old tree Bulang PuErh. Palm sugar, blackcurrant jam, sherbet and sweet minerals. Specially designed 'journal' wrappers.

2010 Da Shu Menghai Shu PuErh

Old tree Menghai Ripe aged for 13 years before being roasted in aromatic bamboo. Caramel liqueur, cashew milk, cherry panettone, candied persimmon, sandalwood and milk chocolate. Woozy Tea High!

2023 Da Zhong Shan Gushu Sheng

Floral, fruity and spicy Raw PuErh made from ancient trees growing in Da Zhong Shan. Frangipani, sweet holy basil, crab apples, apricot, bison grass and papaya.

Jin Mu Dan - Golden Peony

Wuyi mountain Black tea made from the Jin Mu Dan cultivar mostly used for Oolongs. Fresh figs, brown butter, gardenia, violets and lilac.

Gui Fu Lan Ruan Zhi

High altitude Yunnan Black made from a Taiwanese Oolong variety. Saffron, cedar, muscat grapes, eucalyptus, wintergreen and roasted peaches.

Specially processed Oolong for high Gaba (over 250mg per 100g). Roasted coconut and burnt pine depth with a rosehip acidity and lingering eucalyptus sweetness.

Mengding Gan Lu

Historic Green tea produced for 2000 years. First pluck of the year from 55 year old tea trees. Elderflower, black pepper and edamame with a nectar sweet finish.

Spring 2022 Jing Mai & Ba Da Gushu Sheng PuErh

Elusive blend of Jing Mai and Ba Da ancient tree PuErh. Strawberry jam, calamansi, burnt sugars and kumquat marmalade.

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea - Ruby 18

Captivating Black tea unlike any other tea available. Camphor, lilacs and menthol with cinnamon sweetness leading to a quenching minerality.

Bulang Gong Ting & Grade 1 Shu PuErh Spring 2015

A blend of two Spring 2015 Bulang PuErh Teas. One creamy and one mineral. Vanilla custard, cherry cola, wet pavements and fluffy white bread.

Yan Zi Ke Rou Gui

Rich and bold Rou Gui from Swallows Nest in Wuyi. Whisky, burnt sugar, red dates, lotus seeds, thyme and cinnamon.

Yun Wu - Cloud & Mist Green

Fine picking, early spring Yun Wu Green. Sugared adzuki beans, gala melon, lemon oil and a touch of saffron.

Three of our favourite PuErhs to experience the unbridled taste and potency of PuErh. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Mo Li Long Zhu

Hand rolled five times infused jasmine Green tea. Ripe strawberries, jasmine, orchid and dry stone leading to summery warm meadows.

Fengqing Shu Tuo 1996

Ripe PuErh aged since 1996 in Yunnan. Wet cave, new leather, medicinal bark and the slightest earthy apple sweetness. Excellent digestif.

2007 Anxi Tie Guan Yin

Aged Tie Guan Yin Oolong stored for over 16 years in Fujian. Treacle flapjacks, sweet soy, toffee paper, roasting coffee, sauna stones and rosehip.

A brighter Bai Mu Dan showcasing the unique style of the historic Zhenghe region of Fujian. Manuka honey, green acorns, camphor and cream.

Jiao Gu Lan - Gynostemma pentaphyllum

A powerful immune boosting adaptogenic herb with a vast variety of reported health benefits. Licorice sweet and grassy.

Dang Gui - Radix Angelicae Sinensis

An important blood tonic for women. It regulates hormones, menstruation & is valuable for problems relating to periods & menopause. It also enhances the function of the immune system.

Rose Gongfu

A luxurious combination of Fujian small leaf black tea scented with fresh rosebuds. Malt loaf, rose and dark baked chocolate brownies.

Fragrant combination of Jasmine Silver Needle and Chrysanthemum. Wild strawberries, sweet flowers and river pebbles.

Senna alexandrina

Senna leaves are known to help relieve constipation, especially habitual constipation.

Gan Cao - Radix Glycyrrhizae

Sweet medicinal root known to enhance mood and help relieve sore throat, cough and asthma.

Yunnan Dianhong

Fengqing Black tea made with a predominance of buds for a lighter tea. Dark toffee, black pepper and blackcurrants with a malty and minty fresh finish

Gou Qi Zi - Lycium barbarum

The 'Goji Berry'. Traditional Chinese Medicine superfruit grown at high altitude for superior health benefits.

Jue Ming Zi - Semen Cassiae Torae

Traditional Chinese Medicine used cassia seeds to help in the elimination of heat in the liver. Said to soothe bloodshot and/or sore inflamed eyes.

Huang Ju Hua - Chrysanthemum morifolium

Cooling and calming tisane to drink by itself or blend with dark teas like PuErh. Sherbet sweets and floral meadow air.

Jin Yin Hua - Lonicera japonica

A very popular flower used in Chinese Medicine for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Taste of custard powder, buttercups and fresh reams of paper.

Mai Men Dong - Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici

Said to replenish vital essence and to promote the secretion of body fluids. May help relieve dry coughs, dry throats and dry stools.

Gui Hua Wulong

Aromatic Oolong scented with Osmanthus flowers. Raw almond and butter start, sweet osmanthus middle and fresh green grass finish.

Pang Da Hai -Sterculiae lychnophorae Semen

A seed to help moisten the lung and to clear the throat. May help the discomfort of tonsilitis and voice hoarseness.

Mentha Peperita

Sweet and cooling with a slight toffee warmth. An uplifting tisane by itself or to add a little brightness to any other brew.

Ren Shen Wulong

Combination of Anxi Oolong and Ginseng for a natural energy boost. Hazelnut syrup, liquorice and creamy nougat.

Mei Gui Hua - Rosa chinensis

Delicate, light and zesty floral tisane to drink by itself or blend with tea. Sweet rose and grapefruits with a soft and clean finish.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Early Spring Guangxi Silver Needle picked from over 70 year old tea trees. Orange blossom and pomelo with semolina pudding.

Yesheng Kuding - Ligustrum robustum

A light and dancing flavour from fresh to slightly bitter then moving to floral sweetness. Traditionally used to calm, cool and relax.

Mo Li Yin Zhen

Siver Needle made from 70 year old bushes scented with Jasmine flowers. Jasmine, starfruit, lime zest and pineapple candy over a slate minerality.

Bai Mu Dan

Authentically sun-dried Fuding Mu Dan from 50 year old bushes. Honeycomb, fresia, cherry jam and almond milk.

Aloysia citrodora

Cleansing, uplifting and calming tisane. Sweet lemons, thyme and fresh grass.

Our selection of hand produced blossoming tea created by Chinese artisans. Beautiful floral displays blossom in your glass. Made from white tea buds for a light and elegant flavour.

Qimen Hao Ya

Exemplary batch of Keemun, handmade from 62 year-old tea trees. Wintergreen, cardamom, sweet milk, dried mango, cocoa and wisteria.

Rubus Idaeus

Bright and refreshing tisane traditionally used by women after 32 weeks of pregnancy to strengthen uterine muscles for an easier birth.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Dark sangria red flowers rich in anthocyanins for a healthy cardiovascular system. Sour berries and a fresh earthy foundation. Sweeten to taste.

Ye Sheng Zi Ya

Made from lateral buds of ancient Purple trees in Yunnan estimated at 300 years-old. Sun processed for a rich character. Peach sherbet, elderflower and pine.

Urtica dioica

Sweet and herbaceous tisane with a multitude of benefits. Especially, shown to be effective at reducing rheumatic and arthritis pain.

Aspalathus linearis

Soft, rich and warming with much of the satisfaction of black tea. Cherry, vanilla and honey with eucalyptus freshness.

Mo Li Wulong

Ball rolled Tie Guan Yin Oolong scented with fresh Jasmine. Sweet flowers, buttered spinach and spring meadows.

Dong Ding Wulong

Special grade heavily roasted Dong Ding with a long finish. Flavours shift on the tongue from buttery, dark baked biscuits to spiced poached pears.

Zheng Wei Tie Guan Yin

High aroma, top-shelf Autumn Yie Guan Yin. Elderflower , fresia, coconut and raspberry with an oyster shell and white wine mineralty.

Beautifying blend of White Peony, Rose and Red Dates. Herbaceous, minty sweet nut milk and warm honey.

Potent mix of summer flowers and Kuding. A calming brew with a perfumed brightness and a satisfying bitter sweet finish.

Our house blend of ground chai spices with a Qimen Black tea. Malt and chocolate comfort with peppery heat and sweet spices.

A powerful mood enhancing blend of Oolongs, Ginseng and Osmanthus Flowers. Sweet apricot and frangipane tarts.

Nong Xiang Jin Xuan

Naturally creamy Jin Xuan cultivar dark roasted over charcoal. Crème brulee and pandan leaves. Malt milkshake, pecans and dried mulberries.

A perfect digestif after a heavy meal and one of the secrets to keeping slim. Dark roasted plums and burnt vanilla wood with mulled dried orange.

Yue Guang Bai

Enigmatic White tea made from 150 year old Camellia Taliensis trees in Yunnan. Mango vanilla pudding, hay and lily of the valley.

Dark and smooth GABA tea. Deep roasted nuts, tarmac and coffee. Fleeting spices like black cardamom, antique wood and black liquorice.

Anji Bai Cha

Top shelf grade Pre Qing Ming Anji Green from old bushes. Hot summer meadows, nougat candy, warm cotton bedsheets and pumpkin seeds.

A blend of raw Chinese herbs to revitalise, cool excessive heat, calm impatience and reduce stress.

Clinically formulated blend of Chinese herbs which can support the Circulatory system of the body.

Blend of Chinese herbs for promoting radiant skin from the inside. Tonifies and nourishes the body, clearing any excess imbalance which affects skin health.

Blended formulation of Chinese herbs to help unwind and calm stress. Drink regularly for sustained anti-stress benefits.

A blend of Chinese herbs that work synergistically to naturally strengthen the immune system.

Soothing tisane containing a blend of raw herbs to strengthen the digestive system and relieve irritations and bloating.

Chinese herbal blend designed to work together to strengthen the detox organs in order to assist the body to flush toxins.

Blended, raw herbs to help achieve a healthy weight through clearing stagnation and improving fat processing.

Blend of Chinese herbs designed to help relieve the symptoms of colds and flu.

A blend of Chinese herbs that work synergistically on the respiratory system to reduce dryness, cleanse discharge and strengthen the lungs.


A roasted blend of three pickings of Bancha Green tea. Caramel soya sauce, hay and poached pears.

Matcha dusted Genmaicha. Soy sauce covered rice crackers and fresh cut green grass with a rich umami savoury sweetness.

Tuo Suan Tie Guan Yin

Unique style Tie Guan Yin. The leaves are held for over a day to bring out sour aromatics. Yoghurt, green mango, peppermint, watermelon rind and young coconut ice cream.

Nong Xiang Xiping Huang Dan

Tie Guan Yin style Oolong made from the Huang Dan cultivar and roasted for 9 hours over Longan wood charcoal. Vanilla fudge, baked panna cotta and oxidised pear.

Jade Dew

Top shelf, hand picked Gyokuro. Shade grown for over three weeks. Creamy taro and green marrow soup moving to bright sweet limoncello.

Ye Sheng Ya Bao

The lateral buds picked in late winter from PuErh trees approximately 200 years of age. Fresh cut wood , dried apricots and marzipan with a ginger spiciness.

Junshan Yinzhen

Fragrant Yellow bud tea made from 40 year old tea bushes. Guava, starfruits, fresh meadow mountain air, caraway and taro.

Organic, high mountain tisane with cleansing, digestif qualities. The flavours of Mediterranean mountains. Oregano, thyme, orange zest and frankincense.

Shui Jin Gui

Highly sought after Rock Oolong cultivar from the protected area of Wuyi mountains with potent Yan Yun (rock rhyme). Orange candy, leather, cherrywood and vanilla fudge.

Chuan Tong Tie Guan Yin

Traditional, heirloom Red Heart Tie Guan Yin. Coconut, creme fraiche and mangosteen moving to apricot jam.

Ba Xian Dan Cong

Famed but lesser produced cultivar of Dancong Oolong. Medium roasted over charcoal. Magnolia, fresh apricots and almond milk.

Three of our signature Chinese Oolongs to taste the variety in this type of tea. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Give the Gift of Greens with this selection of three signature Green teas. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Three of our most loved White teas to taste the wonder of Whites. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Three of our signature Black teas to taste the boldness of Blacks. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Three of our signature Taiwanese Oolongs to sample some of our favourite Formosas. Contains enough tea for at least 9 Gong Fu Sessions.

Alishan Jin Xuan

An ultra-deluxe Jin Xuan with extra creamy confection. Malted milk, creamed spinach, marshmallow and parma violets.

A special blend of stone-ground tea for calm and creative energy.

Basket aged, small batch Liu Bao from 1988. Hazelnut syrup, lillies and raisin malt loaf.

Royal PuErh 2013

A lighter ferment Ripe PuEhr to maintain more of the natural liveliness of the raw tea. Brazil nuts, red bean paste and sweet orange peel.

Zhu Ye Qing - Bamboo Leaf Green

Early pluck of an heirloom Sichuan Green. Sweet soy milk, dragon fruit, sugar snap peas and green bamboo.

Deeper and fruitier purple rose. Apple cider, cherry sweets and honey.

Ephemeral Green made in the colder climate of Laoshan - the cradle of Taoism in China. Toasted rice, malted milk, steamed Jerusalem artichokes and persimmon.

Spring 2021 Nan Nuo and He Kai Gushu Sheng

Gushu blend of two famous, West Banna Mountains. Brown bread and caramelised pears moving to custard apples and juniper berry.

Jin Jun Mei

Straight bud Jin Jun Mei from Tong Mu village. Cinnamon, pear candy, maple syrup milk, malted biscuits and violets.

Huang Jin Bai Lu

Elite and micro-batch Black made from semi-wild, old tree, ultra-fine buds from Sichuan. Malted chocolate, salted caramel pecans, raisins, rose and lychee.

2018 Mengku Shu & 2014 Xinhui Chen Pi

Mengku old tree ripe PuErh blended with aged mandarin peel. White chocolate, apple cellars, chamomile flowers, mandarin and cocoa.

Bai Mu Dan Wang

Early flush Bai Mu Dan, picked with a fine yet balanced plucking. Vanilla custard, icing sugar, talcum powder, green acorns, and carnations.

Kombucha Fermented 2019 Bulang Gushu Shu PuErh

Kombucha fermented Gushu PuErh made in bamboo barrels. Intense, sweet, herbal liqueur, custard and preserved plums.

Tao Ren Rou Gui

Special grade Rou Gui with a uniquely bright and fruity character. Peach sherbet, mangosteen, mastic, oregano and cedar.

Gao Shan Yiwu Gushu Sheng Spring 2021

Ancient tree Yiwu Gushu Puerh from Gao Shan village. Grape clafoutis, butter toffee, lotus flower and wet rocks.

Mulberry 'Matcha' from Japan is rich in potent phytonutrients for good health. Rich milk pudding and creamed avocado.

Mei Jia Wu Long Jing

Pre-Qing Ming, authentic Xihu Long Jing from the revered Mei Jia Wu village. Malted barley, borlotti beans, cooked chestnuts, umami broth, cantaloupe, lemon drops and rice pudding.

Buyi Maofeng

Tribal Green from Guizhou with buzzing and chewy mouthfeel. Sweet mango, saffron, caraway and fresh turmeric spice with fresh cucumber and melon.

Man Song Sheng Dashu Spring 2021

Prized old tree tea from the Qing Dynasty Tribute forests of Man Song. Apricots, tonic water, sherbet, persimmon and gardenia. A rising and mind-focusing energy.

Lancang Gushu Sheng PuErh Spring 2022

Ultra-fruity and fragrant PuErh made from ancient trees growing in Lancang. Toffee apples, pear compote, cardamom buns, canned pineapple and banana.

Spring 2022 Bang Dong Gushu Sheng

Mengku ancient tree PuErh with a powerful body buzz. Steamed lotus seed dumplings in bamboo baskets, oat cookies, persimmon and young coconut flesh.

2010 Bing Dao Gushu Ripe PuErh

Spectacular 2010 Bing Dao Ripe from ancient trees. Bourbon caramel, chocolate covered prunes, fennel seeds, suede and chocolate milk.

Wuyi Jin Gui Yancha

Smooth, fruity and floral Yan Cha from one of the ten famous cultivars - Jin Gui. Apple candy, osmanthus flowers, muscat grapes, wet rocks and light fudge.

Yamabuki Nadeshiko

Unique Japanese tea fermented with Koji. Brown sugar, Teh Tarik, roasted barley, preserved plums, dried apricots and dates.

Spring 2022 Bing Dao Gushu Sheng PuErh

Distinctly epicurean Bing Dao Gushu PuErh. Dark caramelised waffles and butterscotch, uni, pea-shoots, blackberries and love hearts.

Spring 2022 Pasha Gushu Sheng PuErh

PuErh from 200 year old trees growing in the revered forests of Pasha. Melted butter, pecan, nougat, melon, rose apples, allspice, rocks and mountain flowers.

Smoked Tong Mu Zhengshan Xiaozhong

Special grade Lapsang from Tong Mu smoked over old and extra resinous pine trees. Dried Longan, agarwood incense, clove, agave syrup and toasted marshmallow.

2021 Liu Bao

Vibrant 2021 Liu Bao from Qinzhou. Brown sugar, salted plums, sherbet, iron-rich rocks and aged tangerine.

Lao Cong Xiao Zhong

Ultra-smooth sipping Black tea made from old bushes growing semi-wild around Tong Mu village. Barley sugar, cedar, rum, macadamia, leather and chrysanthemum.

Bai Hao Yin Zhen

Early Spring bud pickings from 80-year old Assamica tea trees growing in Lincang. Fresh pear and semolina pudding with magnolia and camphor.

Fei Zi Xiao

Immensely fruity and sweet Black tea from 25 year old bushes in Tong Mu. Tinned lychee, guava, magnolia, buttercream and fresh notebooks leading to a bright minerality.

Your opportunity to taste and learn the differences between three beautiful batches of Long Jing. A guided tasting kit to challenge you and your friends in the art of Long Jing tasting.

Level-up your palate with a guided tasting kit for Anji Bai Cha. Contains three delicious batches of this famous Green tea to learn their differences.

Spring 2023 Yiwu Gao Shan Huangpian Gushu Sheng PuErh

Huangpian Yiwu PuErh made from ancient trees growing in the forests of Gao Shan village. Caramel, dried mint, black pepper, plantain and rosehip.

Spring 2023 Yiwu Gao Shan Gushu Sheng

The epitome of Yiwu Gao Shan village Puerh made from ancient trees. Papaya, honey soaked prunes, wet stone and vanilla fudge.

Shade grown sencha from the coastal region of Kagoshima. Sweet Oat milk, steamed daikon, sakura blossom and nashi pears.

Deep steamed Sakimidori sencha from Kagoshima. Umami rich broth, sakura blossom, yuzu zest and oat porridge.

2022 Gua Feng Zhai Yiwu Da Shu Sheng

Rich, bamboo-roasted Gua Feng Zhai Yiwu PuErh from 150-200 year old trees. Apricot tart, baked strawberries, watermelon pie, fenugreek, scorched chilli peppers, charcuterie spices, pine forests, tobacco and incense.

Lao Cha Geng Liu Bao

Vintage Liu Bao made in the mid 1990's mostly from stems for a sweet and clean character. Brown sugar, grain porridge, clay, laundry, peanut butter and love hearts.

Spring 2023 Da Xue Shan Gushu Sheng PuErh

A PuErh potion from ancient trees of the Big Snowy Mountain with the most enduring floral sweetness and powerful tea high. Angel's trumpets, pomelo, humid jungle, slate and agave syrup.

Benifuuki Wakoucha

Unique Japanese cross-cultivar Black tea blending the best of Darjeeling and Assam. Rose, lychee, cedar, malt syrup and salted butter.

Yongxi Huo Qing

Ming Dynasty, hand processed rolled Green from 70 year old tea trees in Anhui. Pomelo, winter melon, frangipane and sweet biscuits.

Hou Kui - Monkey King

Handmade Taiping Hou Kui with deep Hou Yun sweetness. Steamed sponge cake, pine resin, melon seeds, soy milk and guava.

Long Jing - Dragonwell

Pre-qing-ming Long Jing picked on 25th March 2023 from old bushes of the small leaf variety. Sweet adzuki beans, sugared buns, nut milk and papaya.

Jin Jun Mei

Ultra luxurious Chinese Black Tea from Tong Mu. Over 13,000 hand picked buds per 100g. Turkish delight, dark chocolate, sandalwood, lychee and rosehip.

Roasted Spring 2023 Bulang Dashu Sheng PuErh

Mad and wonderful Bulang Old Tree PuErh roasted in the Phoenix Mountains over fruitwood charcoal by master Dancong Oolong roasters. Canele, fudge, wild strawberries, lily, bitter orange, water chestnuts, pomelo and jasmine.

2010 Gong Ting Da Shu Menghai Shu PuErh

Creamy and rich 2010 Gong Ting Menghai ripe PuErh made from old trees. Caramel biscoff biscuits, milk chocolate mousse, antique woods and aged tangerine peel.

2023 Nan Nuo Da Shu White

Rich and physical White made from 150-200-year-old trees in Nan Nuo. Warm milk and heather honey, dried mint, thyme, sherbert candy and apricot jam.

Gushu Dianhong

Ancient tree Golden Bud Black tea representing the highest level of Dianhong. Brown bread, butter and chocolate spread, hazelnuts, lilac, rock sugar and candied pecans.

2019 Yiwu Gushu Sheng

Unique blend of Spring 2019 ancient tree PuErh from seven famous villages in Yiwu. Peach candy, orange blossom honey, fresh tobacco, pine resin and watermelon.

Jin Mu Dan - Golden Peony

Golden Peony cultivar Rock Oolong from 32 year old bushes. Baked tangerine peel, gingerbread cookies, cherry liqueur, kraft paper and vanilla bourbon.

Shiga Kabusecha, which has been covered for 10 days before picking. Melon milk, buttered daikon, river pebbles, steamed rice and lotus leaves.

Huo Shan Huang Ya

Hand made Yellow tea made from 32 year old trees. Pumpkin seeds, vegetable broth, creme fraiche and elderflower fool.

Yin Xing Ye

Renowned Chinese herb for improved circulation, memory and cognitive protection. Hints of marine water with medicinal herbs and a lingering sweetness.

Pu Gong Ying - Taraxacum officinale

Known to increase the elimination of toxins through the liver and kidneys. Liquorice, mint and drying hay with a gentle herbal bitters.

Suzhou Bi Luo Chun / Green Snail Spring

Rich yet elegant famous Green tea from Jiangsu province. Super fine picking.Nashi pears, mochi with taro and elderflower.

Matricaria recutita

Warming and soothing tisane with a gentle floral sweetness with a slight fenugreek spice.

Our reinvention of Earl Grey tea with a Chinese twist incorporating Wuyi Yancha. Contrast of cooling minty citrus and warming vanilla whisky.

A synergistic blend of Chinese herbs to improve focus and optimise cognitive function.

Blend of raw herbs to drink as a tisane every day in order to help maintain control over blood sugar levels.

Bei Dou Yi Hao - North Star

Cultivar developed from cuttings of the original Da Hong Pao mother plants. Asian pear, dark fudge, slate, white flowers and a touch of cough syrup.

A sachet of our special recipe of 8 freshly ground spices to make the perfect Chai.

Huang Dan Tie Guan Yin

Anxi Tie Guan Yin made from the Huang Dan cultivar. Magnolia, guava and coconut cream.

Anji Bai Cha

Pinnacle grade Anji Bai Cha made with a unique cultivar. Mochi, sweet adzuki, melon milk, orchids and cherry.

Fu Shou Lishan Qing Xin

The paragon of high mountain Oolong from Fu Shou farms over 2600m up in Lishan. Pannacotta, high mountain snowy air, coconut water, magnolia and sweet pineapple.

Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling

Exemplary batch of Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling - the original Muscatel tea. Made from old, seeded Chinese bushes. Mangosteen, muscatel, saffron, mango, fresh turmeric, kumquat and green peppercorns.

2016 Fuding Bai Mu Dan & Shou Mei

It's here! The latest in our legendary aged White series. Special blend of 2016 Fuding Mu Dan and Shou Mei. Strawberry, leather, cherry sweets, overipe-banana, lotus and Pear brandy.

Tiger Huang Zhi Xiang Dan Cong

Exceptional Dan Cong picked in late winter from 120-150 year old trees. Peach melba, pineapple cakes, gardenia, plums and mango with a wood resin and cannabis twang.

2009 Liu Bao

Rich and deep, aged 2009 Liu Bao from Hezhou. Carob, hazelnuts, ginseng, red bean soup, fresh soil and scorched prunes.

Aged CNNP Green Mark

Majestic CNNP Green Mark estimated from the 1970's-1980's with a print-error flipped 'Cha' character on the wrapper. An opportunity to taste PuErh history.

Mengding Huang Ya

Historic Yellow tea made from the original heirloom bushes in Sichuan. Candied nuts, papaya milk, sweet buns, pearl sugar, lotus seeds and nectar.

2019 Wild Anhua Tian Jian

Top shelf Anhua dark tea made from 70-year-old wild trees. Fruitcake made with boozy soaked prunes, raisins and cherries, charred casks, rock sugar, mastic and pine resin.

2012 Fuding Shou Mei

Aged 2012 Fuding Shou Mei with potent woozy high. Brown sugar, baked apples with raisins, warm milk, summer evenings, pottery studios and magnolia.

You Zi Xiang Dan Cong

Pinnacle batch of Pomelo Dan Cong from old trees. Thyme honey, pomelo zest, jasmine, lime flowers, strawberry jam and butter pastry.

Lao Cong Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong

Top tier micro-batch Dan Cong from 95-year-old trees. Fresh oregano and ripe peaches with orange blossom custard, frankincense and honey.

Fragrant, sweet and spicy Darjeeling made from the Tukdah 383 China hybrid in Singbulli. Cinnamon, saffron, black pepper, kulfi, mango and cooked watermelon.

Ridiculously fruity and candied Black tea from a single 100-year-old tea tree growing in Wuyi. Mangosteen, guava and pomelo candy, cinnamon gum, pine and lemon blossom.

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