Free Shipping February

Enjoy our global experiment


In our constant strive for improvement we often test new ideas before deploying them. This here is one such live test. We are offering free worldwide shipping during the month of February. Yes, you read this right. Check the conditions below and happy tea shopping!

Free Worldwide Shipping

We are a London-based business and shipping cost are very different within the UK. Which is why we have different qualifying thresholds for our domestic clients and for non-UK customers.

  • For our UK clients - free shipping on orders with a subtotal over 100 GBP (or equivalent of 115 EUR / 125 USD)
  • For clients outside of the UK - free shipping on orders with a subtotal over 125 GBP / 145 EUR / 160 USD

And as usual: 

  • Bulky items are not included in this offer (you can see if the item is Bulky on the product page). If you are ordering a bulky item (like Gong Fu Code for example) with some other non-bulky products (teas) and the order value qualifies for Free Shipping, you will only have to pay for the shipping of that bulky item. The rest of the items in your order will not be considered when calculating the shipping quote.
  • We will endeavour to ship your order via a fully tracked service, however in situations where our carriers do not offer tracked services for your delivery location, your order will be shipped with proof of delivery (signature may be required).

Other Details

We will be pausing our Power-Up Engine for the duration of the experiment, so that orders placed during that time will not qualify for free shipping Tokens. However, if you happen to have an active Power-Up and you are placing an order that is not qualified for this Free Shipping offer, you will still be able to use your Power-Up as usual.

We think you’ll love:

The perfect way to store your tea. Stackable tins which have been designed to keep your tea organised easily.

Mengku Lao Cha Tou 2017

Rich and powerful Mengku Lao Cha Tou made from 100 year-old trees. Prune brandy, fennel seeds, caramel, wine cellar, licorice and sandalwood incense.

A classic cup traditionally for Chaozhou style brewing but suits any tasting session.

Organic Oolong processed in low oxygen to increase GABA to 200mg per 100g. Summer rain, apricot jam, wet wood and chestnut honey.